Supreme Acoustics Research Limited
Supreme NAP Acoustics (Huizhou) Ltd. Laboratory

About Us


Supreme Acoustics Research Limited was established in Hong Kong to provide testing and consultancy services. The services were enhanced by the set up of Supreme NAP Acoustics (Huizhou) Ltd. Laboratory where the testing facilities were further upgraded. The laboratory, which comprises advanced testing facilities, has been accredited by China National Accreditation Service (CNAS) under registration number CNAS L8117.

Our services include laboratory measurements, site surveys, in-situ acoustic measurements, preparation of noise assurance plans, prediction of noise levels, proposals and commissioning for acoustic treatments. To enable efficient and effective services to our valuable customers, we have established regional offices:

Hong Kong : Supreme Acoustics Research Ltd.
Singapore : NAP Acoustics (South East Asia) Pte Ltd.
China : Supreme Environmental Research (Shenzhen) Ltd.
: NAP Acoustics Technologies (Shenzhen Qianhai) Ltd.